The MountainShake Mission

MountainShakes’ mission is to deliver content that will be beneficial to our loyal followers and the general audience. We aim to create an environment of engagement and collaboration. Through this, we help educate, inspire and drive people to take action on the things that they want to learn or do.

We hope to inspire people by feeding them content that celebrate the amazing aspects of life. We love to celebrate ideas and we celebrate it together with our community.

The core of MountainShake is showcasing different interesting content that are purposely designed to call for action. We carefully craft and publish topics around theatre and culture to provide education and enlightenment as well as relevant news and events that may happen at a specific place and time that people can go to and explore.

We also provide quick help and guides to specific activities such as blogging, games, design and event planning. It’s a one-stop shop for people who want to get a high level of every topic and a rundown of the basics with pragmatic recommendations on how to successfully execute and manifest.

The bulk of what we publish are centered around providing detailed information of these specific topics – laying out simple and clear background and history, an easy walk down the narrative and most importantly, concrete examples of different easy but helpful steps, hints, recommendations and guides.