Marriage Ceremony

Planning a Marriage Ceremony


Weddings are always special. In fact, it’s one of the grandest celebration you’ll ever have in your lifetime. It takes a lot of careful planning and seamless execution to pull off a successful and exultant wedding ceremony.

Planning a wedding ceremony is not a walk in the park. It involves knowing the requirements, sourcing vendors, coordinating sponsors, entourage and guests, choosing the best attire for the ceremony. The whole tasks list is going to be huge and all of them play a critical role.

Let’s break down the planning essentials to get you started.

Marriage Requirements

One of the first things that need to be completed is the marriage requirements. There’s a certain paperwork involved and a few meetings here and there to fulfill the legal requirements for marriage. Getting this done early on will save you a great deal for you to focus on the ceremony proper.

Date and Time

Another huge decision to make is the date of the wedding and the time. Sometimes, there’s a lot of factor that will influence the final decision. It’s not going to be because you chose the date and time of your liking that it’s carved in stone. There may be times that you will consider availability of the church, or the judge, or the venue before you finalized any decision. Money is also a major player, especially if you have chosen a date and time that is a peak for the church or the venue.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have your wedding at the date and time that you really wanted the most. It just means that there’s a lot of factor involved and fixing on a date and time is one of the major decisions that needs to be done early on.


This all depends on what type of ceremony you want – if it’s a legal, religious or interreligious type of ceremony. There are different factors that play into it and the availability of the wedding official who will officiate the wedding.

Legal weddings might not be too cumbersome to manage as you will just need to know the availability of the judge or any person legally licensed to officiate a wedding. You will need to book the official at a specific date and time and submit all legal requirements before the date of the ceremony.

Religious and interreligious weddings are sometimes cumbersome to manage with all the paperwork involved and different requirements from the church that you need to comply. In addition, you will also need to check the availability of the pastor or the priest who will officiate and book him or her the soonest possible time.

Guest and Entourage List

Now, it’s time for you to list down who will be your sponsors, who will be your best man and maid of honor, who will form part of the entourage. On top of that, you will need to list down the people you will invite as guests. Preparing invitation letters or notes and coordinating their availability are just a couple of important tasks that you need to do.


This is where the life of the ceremony will conclude and it should be a grand ceremony to be remembered. You will have to think about the venue, theme, decorations, flowers, food, music, program, speeches, and the list goes on. It’s important to keep tab of everything and make sure that everything’s ready during the ceremony.