MountainShake Activities

On top of publishing a huge variety of content of different topics that provide education, enlightenment, guidance and recommendations, MountainShakes’ mission is also to promote other activities such as community discussion, PodCast, interactive chats, vlogs, educational video conferences as well as live seminars, workshops and internships.

These activities help us contribute more to the community by continuously engaging with them and fostering non-stop collaboration. These give us an opportunity to give back and establish our credibility as a source of inspiration and education, not only to our followers, but also to any potential audience as well.

On top of that, MountainShakes offer programs in writing, culture, web design, blogging, planning and theatre. We have designed our Contact Us section to be friendly enough for people to inquire about the program and register. We have a team of people, all experts and professionals in their own respective fields, who are more than happy to conduct and facilitate our programs to anyone who is interested. We have several years of success around this field and we are proud of the people who have joined in our program and became successful in their own endeavors.