Web Designing

Learn Basics of Web Designing


If we quote Steve Jobs, everyone should be taught how to code or write program. The greatest technology pioneer, innovator and visionary had foreseen a world where most, if not all, people are capable of reading and writing code. It practices the brain to think and break down complex problems. Most importantly, it enables people to come up with amazing business ideas.

Web designing is no less similar. People today loves to share ideas – look at blog, vlog, and social media in general. Blogging has not only become a trend but a lifestyle and a source of money-making.

If you want to launch your blog and expose your ideas to the world, at least you understand the basics of web design. This is integral in your blog. You may not need the expert-level skills but you will need the fundamentals.

Start here to learn the fundamentals of web designing:

Learn and understand the basics of HTML

HTML is the backbone of a website hence, it is critical for you to learn and understand how to code HTML. There’s a lot of sources available in the internet today that teaches you the basic – how to read, write and test HTML codes.

Learning how to code HTML gives you the foundation required for web designing.

Discover the power of CSS typography

CSS gives a blog or website its own unique typography – a very powerful design element to make your website standout. Steve Jobs himself was a great fan of typography and he integrated his passion for typography in every design of Apple products – applying it into every aspect of Apple.

Learn to the essentials of CSS layout

Apart from CSS Typography, CSS layout is also a critical component of a website. It’s the fundamental design of every website that will give your website structure. CSS layout will help you arrange the overall content of your website – where the sidebars are placed, how many columns, how many rows, and so on.

Learning CSS layout is like you being an architect seeing what the final design would look like from a structural point of view.

Explore CSS backgrounds and colors

Backgrounds and colors animate your website and exploring the different ways to design your website using CSS is not only fun but also an essential piece in the design. If typography makes your website standout with its finesse, backgrounds and colors add up to the overall brand and theme of your website’s design.

There’s a lot of ways to come up with the best colors and backgrounds combination for your website to give it a very eye-catchy and cool effect to your visitors and there’s also a lot of ways to do it wrong. So, you will have to be very careful in mixing-and-matching.

Learning these key fundamentals will help you create a web design that’s aesthetically powerful. You won’t have to worry about where to find them or investing a lot of money on books and classes. Learning these are as easy as searching the internet and subscribing to How-To videos that are available anywhere in the World Wide Web.