Blogging: How to Promote your Blog


Today, it is so easy to launch a blog. All it takes is to find a good platform, choose a cool theme, add a few plugins here and there with just a click of your mouse, and then start writing – or uploading your videos.

Whatever idea you have in mind and if you’re passionate about it, you can launch a blog about it as your outlet to showcase at the same reach out to an audience. It’s pretty easy and it doesn’t require rocket science to start getting attention. Especially if your content is something pretty interesting and engaging.

However, maintaining that presence, visibility and relevance at the same time reaching our farther to a broader audience may be something challenging if you don’t know how the fundamentals of promoting your blog. Today, we’re going to talk about a few techniques to promote your blog, increase traffic, drive sharing and widen visibility.

  • Establish your brand to standout and build credibility as a reliable source

Anyone can write content, click publish and then call it day. If feels like blogging is as simple as that. While that is most usually the case however, that kind of action won’t drive traction and will make your blog as static as a dead log. It’s like throwing an arrow into the air and waiting for it to hit a bird – any bird.

So, if you want your blog to be successful, your content should be targeted to your defined audience. Every content you publish should be something of value to your target audience. Create something that is beneficial for them.

Ask yourself a question before you violently punch those keys on your keyboard, “Is it going to be helpful or informative?”

  • Increase your chance of getting discovered

While it’s tempting to get carried away by your disposition at the time of writing, it’s a crucial piece in building your blog to be cognizant about what people search online. Understanding what are the relevant topics and keywords and integrating them into your content are keys to increasing the potential for your content to appear on search results.

  • Value relationships

Blogging is not a one way street – your audience shouldn’t feel like they’re your machine to spread your blog. Regardless of how good your blog is. Always keep in mind that connecting with your audience, building your network and strengthening your relationship with them will greatly increase the chances of your blog being promoted.

  • Engage, engage, engage

It’s one important lesson that a blogger should learn and it’s connected to item number 3. Again, blogging is not a one-way street. It should work two ways. You publish content, your audience read them, you connect with people and those with other blogs, and then you ENGAGE. Engaging means you keep the conversation interactive and you share others content as well in good faith.

There’s a hundred other ways to promote your blog – with all the technologies available today, it’s not a difficult problem to solve. But, it’s still best to understand the basics. Creating a strong foundation of your blog, your content and your relationship with your audience will make your blog stand out and stay afloat.