Kitchen Design Tips

Best Kitchen Design Tips


Who doesn’t love designing their kitchen? Having a beautiful and convivial kitchen is pure heaven – it makes cooking, preparing food, or dining a wonderful experience. Imaging having to prepare your food or cooking in a shabby, depressed kitchen, do you think your dishes will look and taste good? I highly doubt.

If you want to design your kitchen, think like a professional and follow these:

  • Always think far ahead

Frame a picture in your head on what your kitchen should look like. It’s a must before starting your kitchen project. Make a decision whether you are going to make an L-shaped or a U-shaped kitchen so long as it’s functional. Function and design should go together always.

  • Don’t forget to think about storage

One of the simplest mistakes most often overlooked is missing out on the storage. There’s plenty of beautiful kitchens out there with inadequate supply of storages. Maximize spaces for storage to help declutter your kitchen.

  • Find the light

Lighting is very important in your kitchen. Unlike your bedroom or your dining room where lights are trimmed to create a mood, the kitchen should be well lighted. Overhead lighting is very important and its best to space them out generously so it will illuminate the whole kitchen. You don’t want to cast a shadow on your workspace now, do you?

  • Power lines

This is one of the trickier piece because you will need to consult a good electrician to make decisions where to place the power sources. Most often, people realize too late that they’ve not placed the power sources appropriately to plug any appliance used in cooking. Power sources should be placed strategically in allocated spaces and should fit comfortably.

  • Surface and space

Choose a surface that is generous enough for you to work on. There’s not too much space in a counter. In fact, it’s much advisable to have a huge space for you to be able to work comfortably and place pieces of kitchen materials freely while you’re cooking.

  • Fresh start

Getting a fresh set of appliances is really recommended. Having a new kitchen and cluttering it with old appliance defeats the purpose of designing one. Old appliances will likely stick out like a sore toe in your new and wonderful kitchen environment.

  • Always safety first

Be safety conscious and plan to design a kitchen where you have greater visibility to other areas in your house, such as the indoor play areas and backyard. On top of it, it’s best to safety-proof your kitchen for small children, make sure the floor is slip-resistant, and ovens and other appliances set higher than what your small children can reach.

  • Keep the air clear

Installing a range hood is essential. It siphons the smoke and the odor out of the kitchen so they won’t linger around too much. It keeps the air fresh. Find one that vents outside.

  • Talk trash

Never forget about planning for recycling and garbage bins. Make a decision whether you want built-in bins that can be disguised behind a cabinet door or use a container that is placed out of the way.

  • Ground works

One of the essentials of a great kitchen design is the flooring. It adds up to the beauty and the attractiveness of the whole kitchen. Always pay attention to the details and the safety – choosing an easy maintenance, slip-proof, and porous floor is highly recommended.